Thursday, March 1, 2012

Fun trying new glazes

It has been so much fun trying out all these new glaze combinations.I tryed to take the photos in some natural light to show the colors off better.I might have to talk to the Arizona/Mexican partners when they get home about installing more windows in the studio...I will keep you posted on that??
Thanks for stopping by


Dagmar said...

Thank goodness you have some connections with the owner of your pottery studio..and there shal lbe MORE the birdhouses and the glazes are amazing..that chip and dip bowl is wonderful..well done my favorite sister in Bull will have those all sold in no time!

Christa said...

I loved all the new items on display ... grateful to have had the opportunity last week to view them in person ... the new glazes are amazing ... !!! It's just the best place to go and pick up gifts for special occasions ... !!! xoxo