Saturday, March 10, 2012

Greenware and a bisque firing

These are the new birdhouses drying on the shelf.Karen has been throwing the bottoms and then I take them and create a lid and decorate them.It is great working as a team.Now we are waiting for our other team member to get home and back to work.We are also looking forward to her talented carpenter husband to return as well...we need more shelves....The last picture is what came out of the last bisque firing...Big trays,garlic keepers,lots of soap dishes and of course a birdhouse.Time to get glazing...
I hope you are having a great day.

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Dagmar said...

That is a great looking haul! Lots of new birdhouses to will have them lined up to buy these new ones..great to have a team member there helping out..I am sure the other Mud Frog will be glad to come home and create..I think she said something about MAY! ❤
Great work sweet sister of mine! Give a high 5 to Karen!