Sunday, November 30, 2014

Christmas cabin opening

I really like how the glaze turned out on the leaf platter.

My friend Joan and her sister Yvonne came down to the studio and made these adorable birdhouses and plates.

I hope Jack likes how his sushi set and cups turned out.I love the black and red combination.

We are having our cabin opening on Dec. the 5th and 6th,so I have been making some more mini birdhouse ornaments.Lots of heart ornaments ,trying out all kinds of glaze combinations which is always exciting to see when you open up the kiln.If you are in the area please stop in and see what we have new in the cabin this year!
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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Bear Pottery and peanut butter feeders

I was really happy with what came out of the kiln today.I love how Ev's little adobe houses turned out.All the bear platters have a lot of movement with the glaze so I was happy to see that. I tried some new glaze combos on the peanut butter feeders that turned out really nice.I am still finding it hard to get good photos,my husband Larry just said they look richer in color than what is showing here.
Wishing you all a beautiful fall day and thanks for stopping in for a visit!!!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Bear and Leaf pottery


Wow,I think Evelyne and Karen have gotten some beautiful pieces on this last glaze load!
The bears turned out really cool and so did all the leaves.I really like the new dog bowls and the salmon platter.
It is time for me to get back in the studio and get back to work.
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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Northern lights pottery-Bears and Rams

These are just a few of the pieces that came out of the kiln a week ago. We were thrilled with the bear pieces that Ev made, the glaze looked like northern lights. We love it.
We were also very happy with how the trays with the rams on them turned out.
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Saturday, July 26, 2014

More Wildlife Pottery

Ev and I were really happy with the results of our last glaze firing. Lots of wildlife trays,bowls,soap dishes and spoonrests.I hope Karen likes how her vase turned out.
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Monday, July 7, 2014

Excited with the glaze results !!!

Karen's sweet little birdhouses

A collection of Ev and my birdhouses and nests

Canisters and a garlic keeper

Butter dishes and a toad abode

Jack and Gail's mugs and one of Karen's Bowls

One of Ev's bakers and a plate

I love how this glaze turned out on Ev's tray

A napkin holder and more sweet minis

Lovely leaf tray and baker that Ev made.I think it makes a great set.

We were so happy with what came out of the kiln on Sunday.I was away camping and Ev could hardly wait to show me the results when I got home. Wow, we can hardly wait for Karen, Jack and Gail to see thier pieces. We hope they like them as much as we do?
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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Minature birdhouse ornaments and nature inspired pottery

The studio has been busy,everyone has enjoyed  making little birdhouse ornaments. They all are so unique , they just make everyone smile.Butter dishes,bakers birdhouses,platters,trays and plates are all nature inspired. Thanks to Richard and Ev for making the birch display stands for the little minis.
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