Saturday, July 26, 2014

More Wildlife Pottery

Ev and I were really happy with the results of our last glaze firing. Lots of wildlife trays,bowls,soap dishes and spoonrests.I hope Karen likes how her vase turned out.
Thanks for stopping by!


Dagmar said...

It isn't a wonder why you are so pleased, they are wonderful. Looks like your glazing techniques are really being honed! Those pieces will be cherished by who ever buys them..well done to all the Mud Frogs, x 3 :)

Nelvia said...

Just checking in as you have been quiet. Quiet. It busy I see. These are turning out so well and show your tremendous talent and imagination. As Dagmar says, well done to all Mud Frogs. Want to see a baby update pic please. Best to you, N