Saturday, July 26, 2014

More Wildlife Pottery

Ev and I were really happy with the results of our last glaze firing. Lots of wildlife trays,bowls,soap dishes and spoonrests.I hope Karen likes how her vase turned out.
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Monday, July 7, 2014

Excited with the glaze results !!!

Karen's sweet little birdhouses

A collection of Ev and my birdhouses and nests

Canisters and a garlic keeper

Butter dishes and a toad abode

Jack and Gail's mugs and one of Karen's Bowls

One of Ev's bakers and a plate

I love how this glaze turned out on Ev's tray

A napkin holder and more sweet minis

Lovely leaf tray and baker that Ev made.I think it makes a great set.

We were so happy with what came out of the kiln on Sunday.I was away camping and Ev could hardly wait to show me the results when I got home. Wow, we can hardly wait for Karen, Jack and Gail to see thier pieces. We hope they like them as much as we do?
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