Thursday, June 26, 2014

Minature birdhouse ornaments and nature inspired pottery

The studio has been busy,everyone has enjoyed  making little birdhouse ornaments. They all are so unique , they just make everyone smile.Butter dishes,bakers birdhouses,platters,trays and plates are all nature inspired. Thanks to Richard and Ev for making the birch display stands for the little minis.
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Dagmar said...

These pieces that you've made or simply amazing, I love the little bird houses the little ornaments and I particularly like the snowy owl. I can imagine how much fun you had making the bowls and platters and seeing how beautiful all the glazes are. I think Evelyne and Richard did a really good job making the branch holder for all of the little birdhouse ornaments. Of course I'm very partial to the cutting board. I will be very glad to see all of them in person if there's anything left that you haven't sold already!
Xox from your favorite sister in West Kelowna