Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Glaze firing today

This is what came out of the kiln today.I will try to get some better pictures in the next couple of days.Lots of soap dishes ,yarn bowls,some trays and I really like the set with the cream and sugar bowl and tray.
Thanks for stopping by.


Christa said...

I love them ... !!! The colors are amazing ... I'll be over soon to pick a few up ... !!! xoxo

Dagmar said...

they are amazing Caroline..can't believe what wonderful things you are making..going to pin them to pinterest!

Dagmar said...

Omgoodness❤ just love the bio's..how creative and clever! I know you must of put a lot of work updating those little frogs..looking forward to what comes out of your kiln this week! Will be looking on-line while we travel homeward to BC!