Friday, February 24, 2012

New Glaze Firing

This is what came out of the kiln yesterday.We glazed a bunch of pots for a teacher from Karen's school and fired them for him.It was great to see our new glazes on different types of clay bodies.The chip and dip bowls and platters are mine and I was trying out all different combinations of glazes.I love the big bowl at the top...I just need to learn more about my camera so I can take better pictures.
I hope you are having a great day.


Dagmar said...

Amazing kiln load and someone will be very happy with all the firings! Saw the AZ/BAJA you sunny mode with pedi! Not in a rush to come home to the cold like someone else we know.
Keep up the good work!

Joan said...

Beautiful work! You are so talented.

Nelvia said...

Wow it is just like Christmas. Love the second slide of platters. The kids had to be delighted with all the colors and shapes. You can do so many things, now you got me thinking about a new vice. Have a good one C.

Dagmar said...

By the way..the Baja frogette is coming up for lunch tomorrow so I will check and see if she has any wonderful ideas for pottery to make when she comes home! can't wait to see what else you are making! you go girl!