Monday, November 25, 2013

Small birdhouse ornaments and other treats

These are some of the goodies that came out of the kiln today.Lots of tiny little birdhouse ornaments,which thanks to my friend Jackie... a lot of them are already sold.Thanks Ursula for stopping in today and purchasing some of the latest pottery.Thanks to my husband Larry for making these great cutting boards for me to display the pottery on...I love them.
The last photo is for Jack and Gail from England who have been spending some time in the studio with me .I think their pieces turned out wonderful!!!
Thanks for stopping by,


Dagmar said...

Caroline, what an amazing team you have with Larry and having those cutting boards. I love the all the sweet little bird houses.....different colors on the roof are adorable and I'm not surprised that you've already sold most of them. I can imagine that you will hardly have anything left for your big sale when it happens at the beginning of December. I wish I was there tocraft with you.... by the way I really love how that big platter turned out with the quilt turned out!

Lorraine said...

Wow, you have been busy. Wish I could say i could say the same. LOVE the little bird houses! What a great idea, I am thinking tree ornaments..... Merry Christmas!