Monday, November 4, 2013

Rice Bowls , pottery birdhouses and more

Lots of interesting glaze combinations came out of the kiln today.
I have made another teapot and some cups to finish off the set for our granddaughter's . I had a lot of fun making a little piggy bank...never to early for kids to start saving for an education!!
I love how the red bowl and the green bowl turned out,looks like Christmas is coming
The poppy bowl was made by Pat Dunker who spent an afternoon making pottery with me and the other one was made by Karen.All of these bowls were made on plaster hump molds,lots of fun to make and they all turned out so unique.
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Dagmar said...

They are all so charming and interesting..Love the tea set, the piggy bank as well as the bird houses and the bowls. Isn't it wonderful to see all your hard work look so good!
Well done to all the potters! ❤️

Lorraine said...

Nice work! Love the little tea set. I think my gdaughter would like that a lot!

Lorraine said...

One of your photos didn't show up when I first went on your page, so imagine my surprise when I later saw the rice bowls. How amazing that we both are into bowls with chopsticks now. See my latest blog entry?