Monday, May 6, 2013

Nature Inspired Pottery

A Large serving tray,bowl and spoonrest. We all really like the glaze on the tray,it is a new one that we tryed called birch.
More hummingbirds

Large divided serving tray
A new glaze that Karen made up mixed with white.
More hummers for the Guest ranch
Thanks to Lorraine for sending us a photo of her Mom's spoonrest that inspired the little owls.

This glaze load came out yesterday, it is always exciting to see how the new glazes turned out.
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Dagmar said...

The Mud Frog's have been very busy and it shows..Your new glazes look wondeful and every piece looks like a piece of art..The little Owl spoon rests are so charming..Looks like so much fun is being had in the studio! Well done to the 3 Mud Frogs!