Monday, April 22, 2013

Wildlife Pottery and New Glazes

Everyone is back to work in the studio and it is so interesting to open the kiln and see the different styles of each person's work. Ev has been working on some big wildlife pieces and they turned out really beautiful. Karen has really started to enjoy the glazing process and has done some lovely sushi sets. Ev and I have been working on some hummingbird designs for the Bull River Guest Ranch.
I enjoy seeing what our new glazes do on different clay bodies and how the glazes interact with each other.
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Dagmar said...

All of these pieces are lovely, I can see how interesting it must be to have all the Mud Frogs creating different pieces..everyone brings such talent to the studio. I really like all the different glazes and textures..well done Mud Frogs! ❤

Lorraine said...

Nice new work. I really admire your talent with the birds and animals.