Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Karen and I had a great weekend doing pottery, after all it was the Super Bowl weekend! However our plan was to make bakers with both of us passing our piece on to each other. We each made three bottoms and then passed it over to the other person and they would add the walls.Then we got our piece back and we added handles.Not all of them ended up being bakers,some turned into large serving trays.... What a fun project. Teamwork at its best!! We want to do this project again when Ev gets home from Mexico. Karen also threw me 4 cylinders on the wheel which I turned into a small brie baker,a peanut butter feeder,a flowerpot and of course a birdhouse. Thanks for stopping by. Caroline

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Dagmar said...

I know that I would love to work with both of you and Ev when she gets back home. Great team work..pottery making at it's best..can't wait to see how it all turns out..those are pretty big pieces!
looking forward to your next post❤