Saturday, February 23, 2013

Happy Days

Today has been a good day.I opened the kiln this morning and I have to say that I was quite happy with the glazes.I really love the way the glaze came out on the divided bowl.The bean pot ,wine cooler and the big serving bakers all survived without a crack.. I quess you might be able to tell who has been making some leaves.I also really love the way the glaze turned out on them.Now I just hope Karen will as well.The Baja frog is now in Arizona and I am told that she is looking forward to coming home and starting back into the pottery.She will be happy to hear that the sun is shining here today and we woke up to hearing a redwinged blackbird singing.Spring is on its way. Thanks for stopping by!! Caroline


Dagmar said...

❤This kiln load is amazing, it deserves a comment and a follow up phone call.. I am so glad for you that none of the big pieces cracked..I bet your heart was in your mouth until you took them out..The Baja Fdog was here and she is looking forward to getting home by the end of March to starting potting again!
So proud of you my sweet sister!

Nelvia said...

C, so now I know where you have been hanging out, well I guess the kiln is warm. These are just lovely. Great color Nd interesting shapes. Always fun to see what comes out. Wish I understood the process. Always wanted to sculpt little people, maybe when I retire and fine a little oven I can cook them in. Will have to,ask your advice. Glad that you are busy and productive and hope both are well.