Saturday, March 3, 2018

Trees, Trees And more wildlife pottery

a close-up of the glazes interacting on the tree platters, lots of movement
 a large mountain scene
 Square birch trays
 soft trees...... large platter
more bears
 long bear tray
Tree trays
 Small bud vases for my sister Dagmar,I hope she likes them?
textured trays
I was really happy with the results of this last glaze load. The birch tree trays are really interesting and the reaction of the glazes on the tree trays are really cool.
We had more snow last night but I do think spring is just around the corner , so all the snowbirds in my family can start making their way back home.
Thanks for stopping by.


Dagmar said...

Best kiln load yet my sister...the glazes look fabulous as well as the textured pieces...please save all those vases for me! I love them! Xox

Lorraine said...

Hi. I am back looking at you creations after a long time. Wow! Love the pottery, especially the birch pieces. I am just getting back to my mud after having kiln issues, and a lot of other things going on that have kept me away. But as soon as I got muddy fingers I was back in heaven. Once I have the glaze firing done, I will upload the results to my blog. I am planning another barrel firing this summer. My friend at the lake wants to try it out so it’s great to have company when doing it.