Thursday, May 11, 2017

Bears , hummingbirds and birch pottery

 hummingbird ornament-tiny
 Very Large birch Bowl
A large casserole dish and a medium one 
 A long tray with a matching bowl
Two peanut butter feeders and a lovely birdhouse-we are nuts about our birds!!!
 Some hummers
 A medium bear bowl and a square plate
It must be spring, Ev and I have been working on bears, birch, and hummingbirds. We have been trying all kinds of new glaze combinations to see what works. These are some of our new ones that we  like. You can just click on the pictures to enlarge.
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Dagmar said...

Caroline and Evelyn, these are lovely pieces, I hope some are still around so that I can see them next your new glazes!
See you both on Monday, can't wait..