Thursday, January 23, 2014

Wildlife pottery,sushi sets , tumblers and birdhouse ornaments!

I was really happy with what came out of the kiln today.Ev made the Elk platter before she left for Mexico and I glazed it.
The other pieces are commisions that I have been working on.A sushi set, 2 bathroom sets with a toothbrush holder ,tumbler and a soap dish.The square tumblers and tray for a friend and the long
Tray and small dish for another friend.I sure hope they like them???
I love how the glaze turned out on the last bowl.
Of course I am in love with making little birdhouse ornaments!!!
Thanks for stopping by


Dagmar said...

Caroline, I can't believe how beautiful the pottery glazes turned out. I agree with your comment about the last bowl it's stunning!
I'm so glad you continuing to make the little birdhouse ornaments and the sushi set and toothbrush sets are really very very practical and very attractive. I like Evelyne's platter that you glazed and I'm sure when she sees it she'll comment on the blog as well.
I looked at your blog this morning to see if you'd posted anything new and we have been out all day so I'm glad that when we got home I saw all of your beautiful things.♥️ Well done Caroline!

Lorraine said...

Just catching up with your blog after awhile away. Very nice work going on there. I am getting nothing done, must get back to the studio before I forget everything! I have tons of ideas, just lacking energy it seems. But don't give up on me..........