Thursday, March 14, 2013

March pottery

I think Karen is going to love the way this sushi set turned out.
One very large  tray made specially for Rob and Kari for their housewarming gift.
Two snack plates for some very special little girls!!!
Someone has the blues.

Bear oval platter and a red heart baker
I hope Karen likes how these glazes turned out?
I really like the glazes on this little set,the glaze goes from matte to shiny ..
This is what came out of the kiln yesterday. A friend helped me unload the kiln and now would like to be there everytime we unload. She agreed that it is as exciting as unwrapping gifts at Christmas.
Each shelf you take off reveals another surprise. I will give you a call Gina the next time we unload a glaze fire.
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Dagmar said...

All those pieces that have come out of the kiln are so special..Rob and Kari will love their house warming gift and the little girls will be thrilled. How could Karen not love the glazes! Just wonderful!

Lorraine said...

Lovely pieces. I would love to know what glaze went on the sushi set. Stunning!