Friday, July 27, 2012

Interesting new glazes

Soap dishes

Ev and I have been trying out some new glaze combinations.We think some of them turned out pretty cool....we did have a few that did not work out so well.Trial and error...
Karen has been away at her painting class and we hope to see her out at the studio soon.
Thanks for stopping by


Dagmar said...

Hi my sweet the new glazes..I am sure these won't stay long in your studio..they will be scooped up so fast..I like how the plates look so dimensional....great job that both you and Ev did...❤no birdhouses this time?

Nelvia said...

This is great stuff not usual to see paintings on ceramics, she is right this have so much appeal they will go. Sorry but my eye not trained enough to pick up glaze differences, what am I looking for. Glad to se you are still crazy. :) best

Dagmar said...

Looking forward to seeing what comes out of the kiln today❤