Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Bisque firing

This is what came out of the kiln yesterday,I can no longer call Ev a lazy frog,since she has come home from her winter holiday she has been really busy organizing the studio.The studio has all new shelving ,new lights and the kiln has been moved .Thanks also to Richard for all his hard work.Ev has also been busy creating birdhouses,feeders and trays.Her and Karen loaded the kiln on sunday with all of our creations.I on the other hand was off camping and quadding for the weekend,so I guess it is my turn to be called the lazy frog.Today we will start glazing.We have a few new glazes to try so I will keep you posted.
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Dagmar said...

Those are some seriously good looking birdhouses...love all the additional decorative effects as well and the sandstone l ones..NO more Lazy Baja Frogette! Well done..all the improvements sound like good things..hope you bought Richard a beer❤